Online Auctions

Read This First: How Our Online Auctions Work

Welcome to Churches Thrift Shop’s Online Auctions! The rules below have recently been updated; please read them before bidding. Thank you!
  • The items available for bids are listed below. Each item has its own post and comment section.
  • Most posts include several photos arranged in a slideshow format. Please be sure to click the arrow buttons to view each photo, as some may contain important details about the item. 
  • If you see an item you would like to bid on, please leave a reply to the item’s post with your real name and the amount you are bidding. We notify winners by email, so please do not post your phone number or other personal details!
  • Bidding should start at no less than $5 unless otherwise stated, and all bids should be in whole-dollar amounts. We also have a reserve price set for each item that will remain unknown to bidders until it has been met.
  • The exact end date for bids is not preset, but items will usually remain open for bids for approximately two weeks, give or take a day or two. 
  • As previously stated, after bidding closes we will notify the winner by email.
  • Please note: You must be willing and able to pay for and pick up your item in person within two business days at Churches Thrift Shop in Salmon Arm, BC, Canada.
  • When you arrive at the store to pick up your item, please ask for Diana (or Bev, if Diana is not available), and be prepared to show ID.
  • Items are “as is.” No refunds or returns.
  • Troubleshooting note: We know that some individuals have been having trouble posting bids because when they enter their email address in the required field, they are asked to log in. Our website is a WordPress site. If you are asked to log in, that likely means your email address is already associated with a WordPress account. If you know your password, please do log in. If you don’t know your password, please click “Lost your password” and follow the instructions you receive. Please do this even if you do not remember creating a WordPress account. Many other businesses and individuals use WordPress for their websites and it is possible you may have created an account to use or interact with one of them in the past. If you have any further trouble, please feel free to contact us here through our site, or if that is not possible due to your continued technical difficulties, though our Facebook page.
 Thank you, and have fun!


The items available for bids are listed below. Please click on an item’s name to view the post for that item.

Ornamental Wood & Metal Rooster

Pavel Bure Retirement Pin

HyperLite, Evolve 140 Wakeboard with Boots

SleepStyle600 CPAP Series in Case with Accessories

REMstar Heated Humidifier

Set of Ten-Eighty Salomon Skis, Made in Romania

Swiss Military Watch in Case

Antique ADANAC Pocket Watch, Made in the USSR

Adjustable Camp Cot

Portable Sportcraft Bocce Set in Hard Case

Funky Pottery Bird House

Vintage Royal Albert Set

Used FilterQueen Defender Air Cleaner Plus Four Brand New Filters

Portable Artist Easel with Some Brushes & Paints

Autumn Foraging Framed Picture by R.S. Parker

Umbro Football Culture, Whitecaps Soccer Jacket, Size M

Ion Block Rocker, Portable Sound System for iPod

Set of Brass Giraffes

Number 5 Crock

Vintage Brass Standing Ashtray

Vintage Cream Can

KitchenAid Mixer

Merits Power Chair

Basketful of Stamps

Hand-Carved, Solid Wood Shield

Vintage-Looking Coca-Cola Radio/CD Player

Canada Special Centennial Coin Set

Binder with 50 Sheets of Hockey Cards

Vintage Solar Mantel Clock

Oak Entryway Mirror/Coat Rack