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BIDDING CLOSED – Auction Item: Antique Thermometer/ Barometer

16″ high × 7 1/2″ wide.

This is not in perfect shape but works well.

The starting bid on this item is $35.

August 10 – Bidding is now closed on this item. Winner will be notified by email & item will be available for pickup on Thursday & Friday of this week. Thank you!

6 thoughts on “BIDDING CLOSED – Auction Item: Antique Thermometer/ Barometer”

  1. Angie, the thermometer/barometer is not broken except for the plastic behind the thermometer & a scratch in the glass.

  2. I gather when you say “This is not in perfect shape but works well.” you’re only speaking to the thermometer part and not the barometer? (the picture seems to indicate the dial is broken)

  3. Jimi G, dimensions are 16″ high × 7 1/2″ wide. (I will also edit the post to add this info.)

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