23 thoughts on “BIDDING CLOSED – Auction Item: Venturer Karaoke CD & Cassette System, Includes 4 CDs & One Mic”

  1. Like any LIVE auction, market value should always be dictated by the bidders, and if the bidding is low, than that is a reflection of the item’s fair market value (especially after it was already extended once). Regardless of what it may have cost new, or what someone else may think it might be worth, if no one wants the item—- then that is precisely what it is worth! Just my thoughts on this matter and future auctions.

  2. Bidding is now closed. The reserve price was not met and there is no winner.

  3. Deb, it’s model CDG-2. I’ve just added a clearer picture of the details on the back to the post.

    There is no manual with it.

  4. Normally, bidding would be closing on this item this week. However, as the reserve price is not even close to being met, we have made the decision to leave this item available for bids for another two weeks. Thank you for understanding.

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