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BIDDING CLOSED – Auction Item: LA Kings Memorabilia

Plastic License Plate L12in x H6in. Hanging Pennant. 8 1/2in x 4in.

Bidding is closed on this item as of May 7th, 5:30pm. Winner will be notified by email this evening and item will be available for pickup on Monday & Tuesday of this coming week. Thank you!

7 thoughts on “BIDDING CLOSED – Auction Item: LA Kings Memorabilia”

  1. Normally, bidding would be closing on this item this week. However, as the reserve price is not even close to being met, we have made the decision to leave this item available for bids for another two weeks. Thank you for understanding.

  2. Alex, I’m sorry, but $3 is not a valid bid. As the rules state, bidding should start at no less than $5 unless otherwise stated.

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