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BIDDING CLOSED – Auction Item: Simplicity Mini Bar Fridge with Glass Door

W 18in X D 20in X H20in. Inside measurements: W 15 1/4in X 16 1/4in. D top 2 shelves 13in bottom shelf 9in. 
(Small cosmetic damage to top not affecting working order.)
Bidding is now closed. Since the reserve price is not even close to being met, this item will be placed for sale in our Boutique. Thank you for understanding.

12 thoughts on “BIDDING CLOSED – Auction Item: Simplicity Mini Bar Fridge with Glass Door”

  1. I didn’t mean to criticize but only as information to potential bidders who may think that they are bidding on merely a small fridge and would then be disappointed that it does not hold the expected temperature. As you know Bar (or commonly called wine fridges) are specifically designed to hold wine at the proper temperature. An even lesser known fact is that they run at the proper temperature to store hatching eggs before they are put into an incubator – which is what mine is used for.

  2. EVGILMAR, yes, we know. That’s why it says “Bar Fridge” in the post’s title. Would you like to place a bid on it?

  3. That is a BAR fridge, not a regular fridge. Bar/wine fridges operate at a higher temperature than a food fridge. (53 degrees)

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