9 thoughts on “BIDDING CLOSED – Auction Item: Gary Fisher Full Suspension Mountain Bike”

  1. Please note that there have been no valid bids on this item yet. As it says in the post, bidding should start at $350 for this item.

  2. Grant, I have sent you a couple of additional photos by email which may help.

  3. Kelly, I’m sorry, but $50 is not a valid bid on this item. As it says in the post, due to its value, bidding should start at no less than $350.

  4. Unknown to me, I have researched this bike and there are numerous types and styles of Gary Fisher bikes. Too difficult to assess the value of this bike without more information. Are you able to provide any identifying information about this bike such as numbers on bike, letters on bike, year of bike. Any further information would be appreciated. Thanks.

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