10 thoughts on “BIDDING CLOSED – Auction Item: Player Piano with Box of Song Rolls”

  1. We get tons of offers for pianos to be given to us Margaret, next time I will maybe suggest that. We don’t even take them very often because they are hard to sell, this is unique though as player pianos are more rare, especially in this kind of condition.

  2. The problem with a full size piano, is the difficulty of moving it, and of course, the amount of storage it takes. It is too bad that there is now a bid on it, as I was going to suggest that perhaps this is an item that you could consider donating to a Senior Care Home, or a similar facility or organization, where the old tunes would certainly be appreciated, (as would the donation). Just a thought. Margaret

  3. Hi Jacqueline. The Piano is L.Thirsk and the serial number is 67396. I will get back to you with an approximate year when I know more.

  4. WHat make is this piano, serial number, and approximate year it was made please

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